Curate and launch your branded video platform in minutes

Tell us where your videos are and we'll do the rest

Here's an example of an extreme sports video platform. Everything can be changed and tweaked to suit your needs: the colours, the images, the source of the videos and much more.


Delight your audience

Your videos will look amazing on any screen

Our goal is to inspire people to watch and enjoy more of your content. Our powerful AI deliver's the same fantastic experience wherever they choose to watch it.


How does it work?

Currently, we're focusing our efforts into 6 main areas:

Brand Analysis

We'll automatically import your brand's assets (logo, colours, fonts, videos), so that you can focus on what matters.

Video Analysis

Our algorithms will pop the hood open and see what your videos are made of, to optimize them for the perfect experience.

Taxonomy Generation

We'll suggest categories and a classification for your videos so that they can be easily found by your audience.

Dynamic Thumbnail Generation

Saving you hundreds of hours of video editing, our powerful system automatically generates 15-second previews for ALL your videos.

Personalized Recommendations

Our AI is almost alive: the more your users watch content, the better the recommendations get!

Machine Learning

As we've said before: the more your users watch, the higher the probability of them loving what they see.

Want to join us?

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