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Findie is a best-in-class platform that enables brands to create authentic, video-centric customer communities.

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Use video to create new customers and deepen relationships with existing ones.

Video is 8x more engaging than static content.

If you have video, make it work harder for you. If you need video, use our content search to find it for you.

With Findie, more relevant, high quality content gets watched & shared. We optimise branded Content Libraries and drive authenticity.

The Brand controls a superior user experience, recommended content & what gets watched next, and builds a known-and-owned community.

Better engagement, longer visits, more clicks on relevant content and calls-to-action, higher conversion and engagement per user.

Video is Power

Authentic video is critical to creating a digital trust brand. How are your videos currently displayed on social media?

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Why choose Findie?

The Next Web voted us one of the best video experiences on the internet.

Now, we enable you to deliver the same level of user engagement, without having to invest in technology and media.

No design or development required

Our video platform is plug & play; you don't need to code or integrate anything and we use your existing hosting solutions.

No video editing or encoding required

We generate "dynamic thumbnails" (preview trailers) using an automated editor, which increases click-throughs by over 150%.

Integration with existing video hosting providers

Findie integrates seamlessly with YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and more.

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Fully-featured social platform

User profiles, comment threads, alerts, real-time messaging.

Responsive, immersive user experience

Optimised for both mobile and desktop using the most innovative user interface available for video.

Low Startup Costs

Findie costs a fraction of video hosting and delivery platforms, so you can focus your budget on building audiences for your brand.

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Who's using Findie?

The world's biggest beauty and cosmetics group has recently launched on Findie.

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